Refer A Friend Scheme

If you've already been given a referral link then please click here

Do you have colleagues in other branches or industry contacts outside your target area that may benefit from our leads?

Now, with our refer a friend scheme, you can introduce others to the benefits of our service whilst earning Amazon vouchers for yourself in the process.

How it works...
  1. You email your friends or colleagues with our pre-prepared referral link which we will send to you.
  2. They use it to sign up with our service and get their first week for free.
  3. As soon as they've spent their first £25 on our leads we will email you with a £25 Amazon voucher.
  4. You can refer as many people as you want.
With vouchers to be gained and our streamlined system, you've nothing to lose

If you are an existing customer and you want to refer some friends or colleagues then please contact Clive on 07895 956927 or at